Best of Breed

Winner - Family Law Firm of the Year

This category considered the nominations and supporting statements of firms in Worcestershire, specifically focusing on their family law departments. Mfg Solicitors, Painters and Penny Raby & Co presented the judges with a conundrum trying to figure the winner in this category. Our worthy winner with a national and international reputation, due to expertise in expatriate divorce, their innovation, interdisciplinary working and multifaceted practice is … Penny Raby & Co.

Judges’ Comments: Established in 1995 as the first niche or ‘boutique’ family law practice in Worcestershire, Penny and her forensic accountant husband Mike Gordon created a flarepath by way of being an innovative multi-disciplinary practice with multiple strands. They present a cluster of focussed services ranging from the conventional family law practice though to their unique relationship repair and renewal via Marriage Makeover.

Shortlisted - Innovation Award (Website)

This category epitomises the future direction and illustrates the way in which law firms need to evolve and adapt to an ever-changing world, embracing the world of technology. An Internet presence has become an essential marketing tool for business today.

Judges’ Comments: Penny Raby & Co’s websites cleverly nest/interlink the three separate domain names: Divorce Finance, Marriage Makeover and Divorce Deals under the umbrella Harmony House. The message of each site is very plain talking and interspersed with occasional humour.