Expatriate Divorce

Around 3 million UK expats have setup home in another country and many of these have ended in divorce. As with any divorce you will need to sort out details such as the division of the finances and assets, and arrangements for any children, not to mention the legal dissolution of the marriage.

Before seeking help from a family law specialist experienced in expat divorce, know what you want to achieve, get your financial affairs in order, you will need to provide a full financial disclosure, so you will need details on earnings, mortgages, investments, pensions, savings and other assets such as cars etc. all handy.

We are a family Law firm experienced in expatriate divorce and are able to deal with many different problems posed by cross border divorce.

We act for clients based overseas, or their partners based in the UK, involved in divorce proceedings in England and Wales. Our map below gives an indication of our coverage and experience in every continent (almost!) and across many jurisdictions 

Case Study

  1. Mr A lived in New York on a short term contract and work permit, and he received a divorce petition from his wife who lived in the UK. We were able to facilitate proof of service and negotiations of finances to achieve a good settlement for him both as to finances (including his US pension) and contact with his children without the need for him to return to the UK for unnecessary court hearings.
  2. Mr R lived in the Philippines, where there is no divorce. However, we established that he retained his UK domicile of origin, and was able to divorce his Filipino wife and obtain a financial order, which could subsequently be recognized in the Philippines.