1. Mediation is assisted negotiation between couples who intend to divorce: it is not designed to help those looking for reconciliation.

2. Both Penny and Mike are trained mediators, and they have promoted the usefulness of the mediation process in appropriate cases for many years. They were trustees of the Worcester Family Mediation Group for several years, and continue to refer cases to them and other mediators, particularly in child disputes.

3. Penny and Mike run a separate business called Marriage Makeover which helps those couples who want their relationship to continue. They have been very successful in revolutionising ongoing marriages where Relate has been unable to effect reconciliation.

4. It is important to remember that Penny Raby & Co cannot usually mediate both parties and represent one in legal proceedings in the same case. We can of course help clients choose which role they want the firm to play in any given set of circumstances.

Further details are available on the Harmony House website.

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We have acted for clients in a number of scenarios including :

Divorces involving complex business and commercial interests in Worcestershire, West Midlands, East Anglia and Essex.

Divorces of expatriates in France and Singapore.

Cohabitation disputes for couples in Gloucestershire and Warwickshire.

Child residence and contact disputes for parents in the Cotswolds, West Midlands and USA.


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