1. Mediation is assisted negotiation between couples who intend to divorce: it is not designed to help those looking for reconciliation.

2. Both Penny and Mike are trained mediators, and they have promoted the usefulness of the mediation process in appropriate cases for many years. They were trustees of the Worcester Family Mediation Group for several years

3. Penny and Mike run a separate business called Marriage Makeover which helps those couples who want their relationship to continue. They have been very successful in revolutionising ongoing marriages where Relate has been unable to effect reconciliation.

4. Penny Raby & Co do not offer mediation as a service , but refer cases to mediation regularly , in particular Cheltenham Mediation Services Ltd and The Worcester Family Mediation Practice .



We act for Claimants and Defendants in challenges to wills under the Inheritance( Provision for Family and Dependants ) Act 1975 , where the will fails to make reasonable provision for someone who was dependant on the deceased or ,in some cases ,had a reasonable expectation of benefit . 

Claims may also be made for on the basis that the will is faulty due to a number of reasons including  a procedural irregularity , that it has been forged , that it has been made under duress or superceded by a subsequent will .

Case Study 

We acted for a large family defending a claim on their mother’s estate against their step father from whom she was estranged at the date of death . The case was protracted and technically challenging , but eventually we achieved a settlement for the family which allowed all of them to receive life-changing sums of money from the estate as their mother wished .