Peace and Goodwill

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This is the season to be merry with friends and family, to thank God for our blessings of peace in this country, and to send prayers for others who are not so lucky. 

Here at Penny Raby & Co. we are regular supporters of our local food bank and have been told that our commitment to a standing order is a great help to its success.

We have also had great fun in the past doing Santa fun runs for various charities, and we are regular supporters of St Richard’s Hospice in Worcester, including nominating them as our charity when I was Chair of the Solicitors’ Sole Practitioners Group. 

This year, we plan to do a Christmas walk for children for the NSPCC – . Look out for photos in the next newsletter!

We have also had the pleasure of sponsoring a guide dog for the blind. You can see from the photograph how Moose is coming along beautifully and, no doubt, will be a huge help to his eventual owner.

At Christmas, there is great joy in both giving and receiving, and we hope you all have a wonderful season of goodwill doing both and that the New Year #2024 brings you and those you care for all you could wish.

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We’ve gone canine crazy with improved pedigree content and useful bite-size chunks of legal resources .. hoping it will Win-a-lot of attention as we enter our 30th year in business! 

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