The Joy of S**

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Sitting in the Malaga sunshine, I thank heaven for the great advantages of sole practice for me and my clients. 

I can work from anywhere with a good Wi-Fi signal – and my clients can contact me from wherever they are in the world, too. 

Happy New Year

But they still know that they get my attention for all their cases – no fobbing off with a junior after the first appointment here!

And our wonderful staff, Sharon and Trisha, back me up on every case so that our service is calibrated to the most suitable fee rate at every stage. 

And, of course, that is without mentioning my greatest support – my darling husband, Mike, our expert Forensic Accountant and Administration Manager. 

The Sole Practitioners Group, which I have been honoured to serve as chair and now as treasurer, also gives us a network of like-minded solicitors who are experts in their field. That includes advice through webinars, conferences, and links to sponsors like Locktons Insurance Brokers, who specialise in getting the best deal for sole practitioners and coverage for our client matters. 

In addition, of course, we have our own list of expert, experienced barristers to advise and represent our clients if the case goes to court for any sort of contested hearing.

And finally a network of long-standing service providers delivering world-class support in IT, accounting, marketing, social media, telecoms and more.

So the title of S** above .. Solicitor Sole Practitioner, is misleading – I head a multi-faceted team working for my clients on every matter in a flexible approach, focused on achieving the best result for their future lives. 

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