The majority of our cases will require comprehensive financial disclosure, using the Court Service Form E. If you think that you do not need a financial order – think again! Even if you are divorced by Decree Absolute, financial obligations remain unsettled unless a Financial Order is passed by the divorce Court. It is not automatic – so protect yourself.

The requirement for disclosure of finances in family law is comprehensive and positive – must clearly set out your financial position, with full documentation. This process starts with an exchange of form E (see below), and can only be avoided if both sufficiently trust each other to proceed straight to a Consent Order with a very brief financial summary on a D81 (see below).

In many complex financial cases, the key is the forensic and meticulous preparation of financial disclosure and examination and investigation of disclosure from the spouse. We specialize in such cases, helping parties’ achieve a comprehensive clear understanding of the finances, which leads to settlement in the vast majority of cases without need for trial.