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Family mediation

Almost always, problems are best solved when people talk. But sometimes you need a helping hand.

Sorting out your finances when you get divorced

This guide explains how to agree a financial settlement if you are getting divorced or ending a civil partnership.

Getting an international divorce

This short guide will help you work out what you need to consider if you are thinking about divorcing in another country.

Money and property when you divorce or separate

When you divorce or end a civil partnership you and your ex-partner need to agree how to separate your finances.

Form E

Financial statement for a financial order (Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 / Civil Partnership Act 2004) / for financial relief after an overseas divorce etc

Guidance on “Financial Needs” on Divorce

FJC Financial Needs Working Group: Guidance for the judiciary on financial needs on divorce

Divorce and separation

Their divorce and separation section is here to give you all the guidance you need when it comes to managing your finances during a relationship break-up.

Divorce settlement: what are you entitled to?

No-fault divorce laws, introduced in England and Wales in April 2022, makes it easier to separate.

Financial disclosure on divorce

Complete guide to financial disclosure for married couples or those in a civil partnership

Living together, marriage and civil partnership

Citizens Advice guidance on all things Family related.