Unveiling International Assets: A Family Law Courtroom Tale of Cross-Border Asset Recovery

#2 in a series of commentaries from the family law Courtroom. No names obviously, but a focus on the mechanics of many cases, which makes this experienced family lawyer despair of the system.

SCENARIO: Husband holds assets abroad? All is not lost!

In one recent case, our client has shown extraordinary patience and determination in taking action against her ex-husband in Germany through the English courts, in spite of delays due to the pandemic and his refusal to cooperate. 
He took the vast majority of the matrimonial assets to Germany, but the German courts have just frozen all the ex’s assets and bank accounts on her application to enforce based on the English financial order, including a substantial contribution to her costs. He will not escape!

Echoes of another case, where the husband completely refused to cooperate and had possession of all the property in Spain, but he also had a substantial civil service pension based in England. Standard court orders in such cases transfer all assets within the jurisdiction of the court to the wife – so that would be the whole of his pension. RESULT!

So if your spouse has run off abroad and you fear they have taken all the family assets with them, do not despair!

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