Divorce Day 2022

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My clients have been frustrated by the government delays in making the new fault free divorce process available after it was approved by Parliament in June 2020. I am sure there will be a rush to start proceedings on Divorce Day when this finally comes into force on 6th April 2022.

An interesting article in You Magazine online talks about “why the notorious ‘Divorce Day’ could be different in 2022.

It has long been known that divorce enquiries spike straight after the festive season. As the stress of the festive period exacerbates couples to the point of no return, it has led to the notorious ‘Divorce Day’ – the date that the most couples file for divorce out of the whole year.

The so-called Divorce Day traditionally occurs on the first working day of January, however this year experts believe it may fall in April instead.

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But in April, this will all change with the arrival of the no-fault divorce bill in England and Wales. ‘It’s the biggest reform to divorce law in 50 years and will mark a moment in history,’ Kate Daly, founder of online divorce service Amicable, told The Independent.

‘The new legislation is hugely welcome as it allows couples to divorce together without having to cite blame. Under the new law, couples can jointly start their divorce, and state the reason as “no-fault”.’

Lawyers say that the new law will potentially make the divorce process less stressful for some couples.

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‘For most people seeking a divorce is going to be a very stressful and scary time in their life and having to relive memories and provide reasons for divorce can make the situation even more stressful,’ Dal Heran, a family lawyer, told The Independent.

‘Therefore, having new legal grounds for divorce, which mean an individual can remove any blame from the divorce and divorce solely on the basis that their marriage has broken down can help make the divorce more amicable and reduce stress.’

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