Financial Issues in Divorce

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We specialise in advising and representing husbands and wives in complex financial and commercial disputes upon divorce. Without a financial order, even divorced couples retain unresolved financial claims against each other. We can help settle or litigate these as effectively and painlessly as possible.

90% of our cases settle before trial, as a result of patient forensic analysis of financial issues and firm negotiation.

But above all, we help the client to design their preferred agreement to accommodate their new lifestyle after their divorce. Wherever possible this is achieved by negotiated settlement, which gives far greater flexibility and control than a court order made by a judge. We are careful to assess any long term health or other dependency issues which must be taken into account with medical opinions where necessary.

Case Studies

Mrs X had been advised by a previous lawyer to accept a settlement which would have meant she had to give up her home to be divided with her husband, even though he had a business which she believed had substantial value and her family had provided the original home base. We acted for her in hard fought proceedings in the Central Family Court in London, involving the use of a QC on her behalf and significant disputed disclosure which eventually revealed the husband’s business had a value of several million pounds. As a result, and eventually by agreement, she retained the former matrimonial home with a further £1million settlement as well as child support. 

Mr Y had been badly advised in his original disclosure documents filed at court, making it appear he was much wealthier than he was and that he was unwilling to cooperate with the court process. We overhauled his disclosure, to demonstrate that his net assets after taking all borrowing into account, were provably modest. As a result, his wife agreed to a fair settlement without trial.

Mr Z’s wife insisted that her husband had not been involved in the family firm in her name and offered a derisory settlement. We presented the evidence of the husband’s contribution in detail and clarified the value of the business, which persuaded the wife to make a fair offer so that the case could be settled without trial.

Mrs A’s husband was a dentist with a significant practice and pension. She suffered from long term chronic ill health. The husband sought a clean break, which was inappropriate, and that case went to trial where Penny Raby & Co succeeded in safeguarding Mrs A’s future with an order for spousal maintenance, a pension share and retention of the former matrimonial home.

If you need help with your financial issues in divorce, contact us at Penny Raby & Co to discuss your options.

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