Getting the best deal

Everyone involved in a divorce wants the simplest – and cheapest – financial solution.

Saving legal costs is usually a first consideration.

But should it be?

In a divorce, you will lose at least two things: –

  1. A big share of the joint assets and income, which gave you the lifestyle you enjoyed in the marriage
  2. Any costs of securing a fair deal, whether that is by consent or after a hard-fought trial

You may also temporarily lose something potentially more valuable.


Because while you are overwhelmed by the process and the emotional fallout, you will struggle to focus on the new business venture, a new relationship, your children’s problems, and all the other usual challenges which will be overshadowed by trying to get to the best deal.

Costs paid to your solicitor should save you time and money, and maximise your chances of a fair deal with as little direct animosity as possible with your ex.

The solicitor’s fees are an investment for your future.

Not money thrown away on a process you did not want in the first place.

There is no avoiding a divorce.

Make sure you get the best advice so you can rebuild your new life on secure foundations as swiftly as possible.

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