Happy Bizzyness Anniversary

Happy Bizzyness Anniversary darling Penny! Well almost ONE year on since we didn’t properly celebrate 25 years of sharing the same office… kitchen and bedroom ;o) So time to be grateful for the people… events and places that have got us here. And so much has changed… yet so much (thankfully) the same!

May 1995 – Midland Bank House Pershore. Delightful… airy and roomy offices above HSBC. Literally we walked through the bank every morning before they opened! No passwords… security or face recognition. Just a KEY. And no Outlook… just a black office diary EACH for the four of us. Mobiles and computers came later, o)

1996/97 – FIRST Lady President of Worcestershire Law Society. Yikes … they must have known you were coming! And very timely and appropriate this week to mention I. Stephanie Boyce and Lubna Shuja.. now leading the Law Society! 

To be continued… I hope you’re enjoying this as much as me… back soon darling Penny!

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