The vast majority of divorces are settled by agreement

Bill and Melinda Gates divorce

The billionaire couple have announced they are splitting after 27 years together. Despite marriage counselling, they have come to the sad decision that the marriage is at an end and they will split up.

Bill Gates is the fourth wealthiest person in the world, and Melinda has always been up there as an equal partner from the first days of their meeting at work.

So this is one case where the needs of both for basics like a decent house and pension will not even be in question. They have also set up a philanthropic foundation 20 years ago to which both still appear to be committed.

And yet moving on and changing focus after a long marriage will still be a difficult and complex journey until they reach the clean break from their financial and legal ties and can progress to the next stage in their lives.

The aim will be to reach a mutually acceptable and fair settlement by agreement. Just like any other divorce. Lawyers will advise them of the best way forward, and they should refuse to allow any unnecessarily aggressive tactics from their advocates.

Because in spite of what you read in the media, the vast majority of divorces are settled by agreement using mediators and solicitors, eventually submitting consent orders to court without ever attending in person.

That is always our aim for our clients, and that is what I hope Bill and Melinda will achieve.

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