Sweating the Small Stuff?

Would you argue in court over a caterpillar cake? Marks and Spencers are being ridiculed for doing just that – yet many couples insist on going to a contested hearing in court over small issues they cannot settle.

A wealthy husband in one of our cases even insisted on personally weighing the silver teaspoons! ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’ is really good advice – focus on the major issues and let the minor ones go. Mediators sometimes tell arguing couples that they should remember the ginger jar solution – when everything else has been settled, and all that is left is one solitary ginger jar which both want, then they should pick it up together and throw it away. 

Focus on the bigger picture and your future – which is unlikely to depend on a ginger jar, the weight of silver teaspoons, or a chocolate caterpillar! That way you are far more likely to reach a fair deal overall and will save a fortune on legal fees.

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