Is a divorce lawyer worth it?

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Now that we have online no-fault divorce – why do you need a divorce lawyer?

That’s just what Mat thought when he separated from his wife of 20 years. He expected to be able to do it all easily online in a few months. But it didn’t work out that way. He didn’t realise that the online decree of divorce would not include a financial order – and he had a nasty shock when he received a letter from his wife Jane’s solicitor which set out demands for a settlement he knew was simply impossible.

Jane clearly expected to keep on living just as she had in the past, in the family home with lifetime maintenance from him. She took no account of the mortgage on the house, or the business overdraft, or indeed his own needs after separation. Mat chose a specialist family lawyer to help him and was hugely relieved when an agreement was made after proper disclosure of the true picture of the finances to Jane and legal advice to Mat on the best way forward for a clean break.

His Consent Order settling the finances was dealt with by a paper application, with no need for any trial, though the lawyer would have represented him there too if necessary. Mat realised his solicitor’s fees were the best investment he could make at the time – both for the fair settlement and the security of the final court order. Be like Mat – invest in specialist legal advice!

Otherwise, you could lose thousands or hundreds of thousands – and the chance of a clean break. Penny Raby is a solicitor with over 40 years of experience in divorce finance cases, and her husband Mike Gordon FCMA is a forensic accountant whose expertise can clarify the most complex issues.

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